Monday, February 9, 2009

My Bali Trip - Part 3

It was the last day we stayed at Ayu Beach Inn. I had planned for the next stay at Ubud. We had our breakfast at the cafe and hubby took few pictures of the Inn. It was a nice place to stay, clean, quite cheap and very near to the beach. I heard few tourists stayed for weeks or months there. Here are few pictures of the Inn.

Ayu Beach Inn : From the inside of the room, the pool at the cafe and from outside of our room

The pool in front and the Inn's compund... My crocodile hunter posing before we leave Kuta

For the day, we had actually made a mistake. The driver of the Inn offered to send us to Ubud and stopped at few attractive places for IDR300,000. He promised that he will wait until we found a place to stay at Ubud. We took the offer where later we realised it should be cheaper. To any travellers to Bali, there are many travel agent offering services like this. So ask around and take the best offer. So back to the journey, we stopped at 3 places, the first one at the batik village, could not remember the village's name. The batik's are sold in USD, very expensive. The next stop was kampung celuk, famous for its silver. We stopped at one of the shops, if you wanna buy something, please bargain. They also had a very wide selection of old keris. The last stop was Batu Bulan, the village which is famous for its stone carving. The carving was a bit spooky for me.

The scenery taken from the van, at the batik factory and kampung celuk.

Keris at kampung celuk and stone carving at Batu Bulan

Just before noon we arrived at Ubud, a small town in the middle of Bali. A very quiet place and tourist just love to be there to rest. We stopped at few nice hotels where the price was quite good but we just want something very simple and cheaper. I read about Sania's house a try to look out for it. It is situated at a very small alley but the place is very beautiful. Again we paid IDR150,000 per night to stay there. We paid for 2 nights. Our room had a queen bed and a single bed. The toilet was with hot water as Ubud could be very cold at times. The staffs are very friendly especially Wayan. Tea will be serve in a flask at your room. We took our nap as soon as we checked in.

Inside of the room and the tea.

We took a walk that afternoon while hunting for halal food. We found a small restaurant nearby and ate. After that we went to Pasar Ubud. Lots of souvenir could be found here and people claims that it was the best place to shop for souvenirs but we found out we could find souvenirs somewhere else. We took a dip at the pool that evening and the water was cold!! We had fun relaxing in the pool. Ubud is a town that sleeps quite early. Nothing much to do at night except few traditional dance show. We ate instant noodle that night as halal restaurant is quite far.

Streets of Ubud

Our lunch that day!!

Kids parading on promoting a new restaurant and Pasar Ubud

the night walk... The theater for traditional dances (IDR80,000) and the makciks...

My Bali Trip - Part 2

On the second day I had planned for few destination. We had breakfast at the Inn, yup the RM45 (IDR150,000) per night is inclusive with breakfast. I had finally had a good look at the surrounding of the Inn. Quite beautiful but the best was it was clean. Bali architecture could be seen around us. The breakfast wasn't much. It was banana pancake day. We had free flow of coffee and tea also tropical fruits. There were an old couple having breakfast with us.

The breakfast at the Inn.. The Morning beach walk and my walking companion..

We decided to take a walk first before rent up a bike for our tour for the day. We went to Kuta beach to shoot few photos. The day just had began, surfers started their day freshening up playing with the waves. Few beginner surfer learning from the surf school you can found all stretch of Kuta beach. It was enjoying and the view was great. It rains a bit following the wind.

At the expensive hotel at Nusa Dua and our lunch..

We continued our morning walk along the beach and had been approached by some local selling stuff and offering something like "gores dan menang".. yupp... you will find lots people along Kuta beach doing this. At first we resisted but at last we accepted a guy offer. Then the story begins... we picked up two cards, one of it was for free t-shirt and the other one was with a bigger price but we had to go to the hotel to pick up the prize. All expenses paid. So we agreed and the guy and headed to Nusa Dua. Due to certain regulation that we could not fulfill, we did not get anything just discount vouchers. Well, we took it as a free tour for us, Nusa Dua offered high end of hotels, very expensive but the beaches are beautiful.

We went back to Kuta, had our lunch at a Halal stall one of the foodcourt nearby Kuta beach. The price was ok, KL standard and the food was good. We rent up a bike for the rest of the day. It cost us IDR50,000 (rm15) for a day. To any traveller to Bali, don't ever buy petrol at the stalls along the street. Head up to any petrol station (PERTAMINA) because it cheaper. We paid IDR18,000 for 2++litre of petrol.

The bike, filling in petrol and the scenery taken while on the bike!!

With a map on my hand, we went to Denpasar. The signboards were bad, just don't trust them to much. Anyhow we took it as sight seing so we don't mind getting lost. Heheheheheh.. we visited Denpasar's Art Centre when it rains again. It was raining season that time but it does not slow us down.

Denpasar Art Centre

From Denpasar, we went to Uluwatu. The famous temple on the cliff. Uluwatu is a must visit place at Bali. You need to pay a little amount for entrence fee (IDR3000 = RM0.90 and the bike IDR2,000). A guide will follow us around the area. The guide had warned us about the naughty monkeys there. The monkeys will grab anything that is shiny such as jewellery, sun glasses, spectacles, hat etc. We had our taste of it when my hubby was taking pictures the Balinese going to pray when this naughty monkey took his spectacles. It was in just seconds when there was a woman returned the spectacles back and asking for tips. We paid IDR10,000 for that (we wanted to pay lesser but the guide does not let us!!)

Scenery from Uluwatu and the stupid monkey...

We kept our eyes later after the incident and found out that lady was everywhere. She had a bag of fruits with her and everytime a monkey stold something from the tourist she will give the fruit and the monkey will return the stuff. It was like trading or to be exect, bribing!! Stupid monkeys!! The scenery was beautiful, we decided not to watch the Kecak dance because it will cost us IDR50,000 per ticket. We watch from a far, tried to take pictures from Man's 400mm but it turned out a bit blur because it was drizzling.

It was raining... My hubby in action and Kecak dance from far...

From Uluwatu we went straight to Jimbaran Bay.. oh my.. my favourite place of all. Jimbaran Bay had a row of Seafood restaurant and the food was yummy. It made our Umbai (Melaka) or any Ikan Bakar place looks like s*#@. You need to pick what you want to eat, they will "bakar" it with sambal. The rice, vegetables, dessert and peanuts are on the house. There are 4 different "pencicah" and we like only two of it. Anyway it gives us more choices!! The tables are arranged on the beach and we took the one near to the water. It was beautiful!! Later I realised it was our first candle light dinner for us. We ate until we could not take it anymore. The food could fed 4-5 person. The service was good, the food was excellent, the place was beautiful and we paid only IDR199,000 (less than rm60).. Damn..!! it was good and cheap!!

The scenery, appetizer and the candles...

The food!! Yummy....

We went back to the Inn for the night. Wait for my next post!!