Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am back!!!

Hhhhheeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooo!! hehehehehehehe it has been ages since I last updated my blog. Few weeks back when I hang out with my school friends I had heard complaints on me not updating my blog. I know my blog is one medium for my friends to know my whereabouts but I was so damn busy this three months I just lost track of time.

People like to give excuses and I am going to give mine too :) there are the reason why I did not update my blog:
1. My classes are damn tight. I had a loads of homeworks. I have tests every week.
2. Limited internet connection - the IPBA's line are damn slow and whenever I had my chance using the internet at OE or abang's house I will be very busy with my assignments or at least check my emails.
3. I was very busy... errmm... dating!! heheheheheheheh

I am now in Kuantan, spending this few days with my students who are sitting for their SPM. The paper I taught, Additional Mathematics was on today. I was so damn nervous as my students spent the time inside the examination hall answering the paper. There is nothing a teacher wants more than happy faces coming out from the hall. Every smile I saw brings me to heaven. The best of all when they thanked me for whatever I had taught them. It is not easy to answer the paper and I was there at the side of the hall most of the time just to give the inner strength for them.

Well... It's time for dinner... I will continue to write soon as possible.. (ermm i might spend the time sleeping tough.. ) I have so many to share... Ttttuuuunnngggguuuu...