Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cooking again

It is now 5.49am, azan subuh had just been heard from the nearby surau. I had just finished cooking which I started about an hour ago. Well cooking is one of my passion. I had been cooking since 7 years old and had fallen in love with it since. Cooking is a sort of therapy for me if only someone else did the cleaning up hehehhehehehehe. I really need this therapy just to cool off myself. I had a very rough day yesterday and canceling my diving trip do contribute to my increasing stress level.

We are having pot luck today, that is why I dragged myself from bed this early. I actually want to cook it last night but my dad dragged me to be his chauffeur last night. Few days ago, one of the senior teachers (one of the teachers I don't like) had informed me about this with a very cheerful and loving voice as if telling me... "Lily cook something good for us!!". I do admit I am one of the main contributor for every pot luck at school, looking at people enjoying the food I cooked is just a wonderful feeling but I don't like to be force on doing something. The rebellious part within me will come out when I was forced to do something. Since I don't like her, I nearly end up not cooking anything but due to a special request from my 'adik' I had cooked something. Ermmm... maybe that is why my parents had never forced me to get married hehehheehhehe.

The menu for today is Spaghetti Bolognese. My 'adik' requested me to cook it. I was ready to do the grocery when I found out my parents were at Giant, Kuantan yesterday. So via phone I ask my mom to buy the ingredients I needed. My mom had actually made a mistake on buying the wrong type of cheese. Instead of the usual Mozzarella or Parmesan, she bought Romano, anyhow I like the outcome though. Oppsss... I think I had not put in something, never mind it is not that important.

So another cheap therapy session for me today. I am actually smiling again, for the time being.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Closing my eyes...

Closing my eyes,
I could see a myself,
In a new different world,
Peace, quite, calm and beautiful.

Closing my eyes,
I could feel myself,
In the real world,
Restless, tired, frustrated and sad,
Trying my best to keep my sanity.

Closing my eyes,
I could hear my heart screaming,
Trying to tell something,
Something that I deny,
Aching, lost, scared and lonely,
Trying my best to give the best.

Closing my eyes,
I could feel two different world,
Clashing inside me,
Where should I go,
What should I do,
Closing my eyes again,
Trying to forget everything.

Thursday, June 28, 2007



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fools Rush In - The Sign

It is a 1996 movie. I watched it before and last week I watched it again when it is on astro. If you notice, Salma Hayek believes in this 'sign' thingy. When Matthew Perry moved back to NY, there was a priest telling him that he is lost and need to follow the signs. After that he kept seeing signs which had actually made him came back to Salma Hayek.

I have been talking about signs in few of my post. It is either I had been extra sensitive or not, there are few signs that I had noticed. Signs that actually could change my life. Should I pay extra attention to all this signs or should I pass?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Gurlz Rocks-Night of the soulful princess

After the Hari Guru Peringkat Daerah ends, I drove straight to my grandparents house in Tanjung Gemuk. Feeling a bit sleepy, well I slept at 4.00am the day before, enjoying myself chatting with my friends, I took a nap. Around 4 pm we started our journey back as my parents need to attend a "kenduri arwah" and myself needs to attend a meeting.

I received a sms reminding me about the Srikandi night held on the same night. Yat also called asking either I am going or not. I don't really wanna to attend the meeting so I agreed on attending the Srikandi night. Remembered my students had asked me to dress up, I decided to wear my green baju kurung kedah with a black slack, a green and black scarf tied at the back. Put on some make up (in a hurry). I offered my princess to join me, she quickly agrees as actually she was very sleepy. Even as I put some eyeshadow on her she nearly fell asleep. She also puts on her party dress.
The princess and me

When I arrived at the hall, I was quite surprised, few tables had been rearrange as runaway. Heheheheheheh I knew that there is a beauty competition and it really looks like a beauty pageant set up. Other girls (bigger girls - form 3, 4 and 5) had dress up as well, still in their baju kurung and tudung, they put on make up and they look beautiful. The opening start with a group of girls dancing and at the same time introducing the finalist of the Busana Muslimah Beauty Pageant.

The finalist

Izah (right) won the tittle. She is our head girl!!

We could see their talents and at the same time we could see that they are under extreme pressure. They let them self loose that night and we supported them (well Yat and I do...). Staying in a boarding school is not an easy thing. I remembered my younger days at school, luckily I was in a girls school so we could let ourself loose easily. In a coed school it is totally different and plus this school is more to religion oriented.

Iman...the winner of the singing competition. She's one of my A star students.

The night ended with a hindustan joget lambak. Just after few teachers left, Yat and I joined them. I had the chance to walk on the runway (on the students request) hehehhehehe. I had a great time. Now I know my gurlz rocks!!

ps: I told them, next year they need to add another category/competition... for teachers!!

Tokoh Guru (Kepimpinan) Daerah Rompin 2007

Teaching had been the main profession from both side of my family, it is in our blood. My grandfather from my dad's side is a retired head master. A number of my aunties and uncles are teachers and it started to go down to the line of my cousins and my siblings. All three girls in this family are teachers (and teacher to be). I was born in a school, the warden's house to be precise. I was brought up in the education environment, from one school to another and various departments in the Ministry of Education. I had never imagine I will be a teacher, but the two years in the private sector had made me realized the education world is where I belong. I had just celebrated my fifth anniversary in teaching (17.6.2007) and I am still madly in love to it. It made my life living and kicking, which make me wake up in the morning having something to look forward too. It is not an easy job as we face a lot of obstacles, the school politics, the 'raging' students etc (difficult to get any leave for diving trips is my personal problem hehehhehehehe)

Yesterday (Saturday-23.6.2007) my dad was awarded Tokoh Guru (Kepimpinan) Daerah Rompin. So I would like to share the special moments here.

8.00 am... Abah, Emak and I started our journey to Muadzam Shah as the ceremony is held at SMKA Pahang, Muadzam Shah. I was appointed as the official chauffeur and photographer.

8.15 am... Stopped for breakfast at the famous Restaurant Zaman. Huh!!! I am on diet!!!

9.10 am... Started moving again. My dad had spent his own sweet time talking to his friends. When he realized that we were a bit late. So he had asked me to speed up. Hehehhehehehe that is once a blue moon opportunity. I stepped on the pedal and started driving 110 - 140 km/h on the federal road. Abah... If there's any speeding tickets for this you are going to pay.

9.45 am... We arrived on time. The 45-60 minutes drive only took 30 minutes. The VIP for the ceremony arrived minutes later.

10.00 am... The ceremony started with few speeches and the opening ceremony gimmick. We were later being entertained with few song from the choir.Emak and Abah citing their oath

10.45 am... The first round of awards were given to schools around Rompin district.

11.00 am... Cute pre-school students perform their stage performance. We had enjoyed laughing as all the mistakes done looks so cute.Dancing Ulek Mayang

11.30 am... The award for Tokoh Guru (Kepimpinan) and Tokoh Guru. They had played a short clip of pictures as they were reading Abah's profile. Abah's profile was quite long they don't have the time to tell about us... hehehhehehehehehehe
Listening to the profile read by the MC

Receiving the award

12.00 noon... The ceremony ends and we were served lunch.

The same award had been given to my grandfather in 1989. I think the legacy goes on. For a personal note, I would like to wish congratulation to him. All this 31 years living with him, saw how he works, he deserved this award.

To any Stfians reading this post, I met our 'favorite' CNN (Cik Norley Nordin).. she is a Puan Norley Nordin now. She is the GPK 1 at the school hosting this ceremony.
1st from left CNN aka Puan Norley Nordin

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It was a beautiful dream

6.40 am... My mom tried woke me up again, for the third time. Still very sleepy, I grabbed my towel and head to the shower. Took a quick bath and rushed for Subuh as the syuruk was very near.

7.15 am... As I entered the school gate, s**t... there is an assembly. I could see the kids lined up in the hall and few teachers running to the hall. I parked my car at the open space, grabbed my ID card and my hand phone, ran straight to the office, punched in and quickly heading to the hall. S**t again, I had forgotten my blazer!! Never mind... I will find somewhere at the back row to hide.

7.45 am... The big boss walked in, s**t... what took him so long to be here. The kids were restless in their lines and the teachers started to dozed off, still very tired from yesterday closing ceremony. The assembly started like usual, singing, recite the prayer, reports and at last the big boss took the mic. S**t... this will be a long assembly, I was nearly half asleep when he announced school will end at 10 am. Huh!! This is too good to be true. I smsed my two best friend, Mat and Yati planning something evil. "Let's go to KL... just for fun". Yati agreed on the spot but Mat took his time to agree on it.

10.00 am... The students had been dismissed from school, the teachers started to pack up and I had started screaming to my best friends to move. I drove back home, changed my clothes, changed my car, called my mum... "Mak... nak gi KL"... "Buat apa?"... "Saja jalan-jalan and nak cari barang"... "Gi tengok Pak Chang sekali"... "Ha... ok gak tuh... boleh jenguk Pak Chang"... Beyond her approval, I drove back to school, picked Yati and Mat and headed to KL.

1.00 pm... stopped at Temerloh RnR. Bought patin for Muzie and Yan... "Yat... aku ni mimpi ke Yat?"

1.45 pm... stopped at Genting Sempah RnR. Mat bought some chessnut.

2.30 pm... Paid the Gombak Toll. "Yat... aku ni mimpi yer?? Dah sampai KL ni.."

3.00 pm... Arrived at Midvalley, checked in at My KTV. 3 hours of karaokeing.

6.00 pm... stopped at The Dive Shop. Ordered a BARE Velocity Sky Blue. Bought a birthday present for Tenko.

6.15 pm... stopped at MPH. Searched high and low for a book and at last being told the book is still in the warehouse... S**T

6.30 pm... headed to Selangor Medical Center where Pak Chang is warded due to heart problem. Arrived there around 7.15 pm. Stayed around an hour, few of my uncles were there too.

8.15 pm... headed to Ampang where I am supposed to meet Muzie. Called Tenko to confirm the place and Tenko wanted to tag along.

9.00 pm... Arrived at Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station where I am supposed to pick Tenko. She took the wrong train. Need to wait a bit longer.

9.17 pm... Yan called asking where I was. I was still stucked at Bandar Tasik Selatan waiting for Tenko. After Tenko arrived, I started moving while catching up with Tenko with the latest news (as if I haven't heard from her for quite sometimes hehehehehhehe)

9.40 pm... Arrived at Suzy's Conner, Yan had already finished eating. Muzie and I ordered pasta while Tenko, Mat and Yat ordered Nan with Tandoori Chicken. The pasta was superb!! Yan and Abang joined us. Abang ordered some sate. Chatting while enjoying our dinner... Yat was the only non diver there so she had a bit tough time hehehehehhehe.

11.00 pm... Finally had the chance to start moving. I would love to chat longer but thinking of the three hours journey back home, I realized it was time. After changing good byes (luckily Muzie agreed to take Tenko home) I drove straight back to Kuantan. It was raining all the way through. Before Yat and Mat fell asleep again I asked the same question... "Am I dreaming?" I smiled in the pitch black. Smiling to myself. It felt good... damn good!!

2.00 am... finally arrived home safely. Am I dreaming?? If it is a dream, it was a beautiful dream. Still smiling to myself, I fell asleep the moment my head touched the pillow, without any dreams till my alarm clock buzzed at 6.30am. It is another day for me and it is no dream.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Job Done

From the 16th till today, 18th June 2007, my school hosted the 9's under 16 Hockey Tournament for SBP (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh). 20 teams from 16 different school had took part representing their zone. My ex-school, Sekolah Tun Fatimah is one of team. I had been asked to help out the technical team and emergency team.

STF bus

Hockey is one of my favorite game, I actually grew up on the hockey field. My dad was a hockey coach when he was younger. I do think I started walking on a hockey field. So hockey is not something new for me.

As one of the technical team I spent a lot of time at the technical 'cage' mingling around the umpires and technical officers and they are all teachers actually. Feeling a bit naughty, I flirted one of the umpires... hehhehehehehhe it has been ages since I last did that. Is it a sign? I would like to commit that I felt good errmmm felt like 10 years younger hehehhehehehe.
My Favorite umpire.. Mr S... cute eh?
Him again (in black)

Last night there was a formal dinner to celebrate the contingents sponsored by the State of Pahang. I felt like playing dressed up, I put on one of my best baju kurung, spent an hour on make up and offered myself to usher the VVIPs. It has been quite sometimes since I last did that. Especially after I hooked on photography, well what is the use of looking nice if you don't have your own picture taken and as a photographer, I need to wear comfy attire.
Me and Yat
Me and Nazir

Since I was well dressed up, I gave my D200 to one of my students, praying that nothing will happen to it and he could take good pictures. I had just finished uploading the pictures, he had 60% picture well taken.
SSP (in green) and SMS Dungun (in red)
SERATAS (in yellow) vs SMS Johor (in black)

The finals was this morning, SSP vs SMS Dungun for the girls team, SMS Dungun won 1 - 0. The boys team was between SMS Johor and SERATAS, SERATAS won on penalty stroke 3 - 2. I am tired but very happy. Before the tournament ended, I had the chance to take a picture with the STF team, Ibah.. they say hie. I told them.. once an STFians always an STFians.
The STF Team

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Birthdate...

Your Birthdate: January 9

You are a born idealist, with more pet causes than you can count.
You prefer be around others, both when working and while relaxing.
Generous and giving, you believe you can change the world one person at a time.
You're open minded and tolerant. People feel like they can tell you anything.

Your strength: Your go-with-the-flow flexibility

Your weakness: Your flair for the over dramatic

Your power color: Pine green

Your power symbol: Circle

Your power month: September

Adik Mi's Wedding - Perlis June 2007

Due to a special request, I am writing this blog for a friend. I am in between classes now so I hope I could finish this on time. Before my trip to Padang, I had attended a wedding at Perlis. It was Adik Mi's wedding, he is my best friend (anida) youngest brother. I had actually made a promise to Adik Mi five years back that I will attend his wedding and thanks to Allah, I had the chance to fulfill my promise. The actual plan was I am going with Tenko (arnida) but due to personal reason she had to cancel the trip. I was actually not that healthy the day before the trip and nearly canceling it too but again thanks to Allah I made it.

The journey started off bad. The traffic was bad that weekend. Luckily I popped in a flu tablet and it made me sleep like a baby. Whenever I opened my eyes, I could see long lines of cars beside the bus. When the bus stopped for a break, I think it was at 3.00 am, the RnR (I didn't know which...heheheheh) was like a funfair. The car park was full, people everywhere, I continued my sleep and didn't bother to get off the bus.

My phone rang at 6.00 am, Anida called because she was furious that I have not called her to inform my arrival. How can I call her since I did not arrive yet. Finally I arrived at Kangar around 6.30 am after 8 hours on the bus.. waaaa the traffic must be very bad then. Anida arrived few minutes later in her new car.

The iron ladies, Kak Cak, Che Gayah and Anida

Anida and Adam

It was good to see her again. The last time I met her was last year. She looks good and still the very same Anida I remembered. We filled the drive home talking unstop. There is so many to talk about. When I arrived to her mom's house, people had started to work for the kenduri. The last time I paid my visit to her mom's house, the house was still in the process of renovation and it has become a very beautiful house with a beautiful "Pondok" besides it. Anida's hubby is an interior designer, so he had renovated the house.

The beautiful pondok

We spent every moment possible to catch up on the latest news. When Adam woke up (Anida's son) I was surprised to see him. He had grew so big and even Anida admits it that Adam is considered as an obese baby. The same thing when I met Adik Mi, he had turned to be a handsome lad, whenever I looked at him, I remembered the old times when he had make his parents headache with all sort of problems. He had turned out to be a good man indeed.


Adik Mi

The best part of this visit is that I look forward for the feast. The food for the feast is a set of traditional dishes, Gulai Daging, kerabu, Ikan kering, Ulam-ulam and sambal. Huh... by thinking about it made me hungry. It was a very big feast, knowing Anida's dad I had expected a large crowd. Nearly 5000 thousands guest flooded the house from 11 am till 5.30 pm.

The Food-yummy

The couple

It was a tiring journey, I took a bus back the next morning which took me 10 hours to reach KL. But being back to that side of the country made me smile again. The northern part of the country had always have a spot in my heart. I love it there and sometimes I felt I belong there. Maybe the five years living there had made my heart grew fond to the place, the food and so many more. I will try to upload the pictures to my flickr soon. To Adik Mi and his beloved wife, I wish you the best.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Padang-Bukit Tinggi Part 1

Well I am going to do this report in few parts.

The idea of this trip had been in my dad's mind since our trip to Medan last year. When Air Asia offered free seats, we took the opportunity to go for it. We paid RM175 for the tax per person. After persuading my dad's friend, his wanna to join the trip with 12 other family members. So I had self appointed myself the group leader heheheheheheh. With the help of Zues, a good friend of mine, he had arranged the ground package of RM495 for adults and RM295 for kids below 12 years old. This includes the transportation, full board food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), accommodation for 4 nights and tourist guides. Cool huh!! And the best thing is, my dad paid all for the family hehehhehehehe...

Our journey starts very early on the 5th June. The whole group checked in on time and the flight was on time. We depart at 7.50 a.m Malaysia time and arrived at Minangkabau International Airport at 8.00 a.m W.I.B. The airport is a small but beautiful airport. Holding it's Minangkabau identity by using the buffalo horns shaped roof. The airport is a new airport replacing the old one, Tabing Airport which had been turned to a military airport.

At the first restaurant

Before we landed, I could not help noticing the beautiful islands along the coast near Padang which later I got to know it is the Mentawaii group of islands. The first thing that pops into my mind... any diving spots down there?? hehehhehehe

We were greeted by Pak Pandi, our tourist guide. After both groups (my group-18pax and there is another group, lead by a good friend of my dad-20pax) had got through the immigration counter we went straight to the bus.

We stopped at a restaurant to freshen up at have something to eat. The early flight made us very hungry anyhow I had my share of Maggie Mee on the flight. Our first stop for the trip was Lembah Anai Waterfall. The waterfall is situated just beside the road and the water was so damn cold. The local people claimed that the water could help us to look younger if we wash our face using it. Well I do think any plastic surgery doctor will to think twice if they wanna open an outlet nearby hehehheheheheh.

Lembah Anai Waterfall

My Family in front of the waterfall. From left - my mom, kamm(the 4th),
kamil (the youngest) and my dad.

After taking few shots there, we started to move again. After nearly an hour, we stopped for lunch. Nasi Padang comes from Padang. The concept of Nasi Padang is it will be served with numerous kind of dishes. It comes in small amount for each dish but for every serving for 6pax they serve nearly 8 different dishes. It is very enjoying to have the opportunity to taste 8 to 10 different dishes per serving. The name of the restaurant is Pak Datuk, Dumai's branch.

Our lunch at Restauran Pak Datuk

Then not far from the restaurant, we had our first taste of shopping in Bukit Tinggi. Bukit Tinggi is well known for it's embroideries and and handicrafts. We stopped at three different shops, selling mostly the same thing but different quality and price. The makcik-makcik really enjoyed the shopping spree. I only buy the things I wanna buy. After the three stops we went to Kampung Pandai Sikek. A small village where the villagers made songket for a living.

I will stop for now... Will post more soon. See you guys... Nite-nite

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I'm Back...

Landed at LCCT exactly 10.10am, 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. The trip was splendid, a lot of good food, beautiful sceneries, good historical informations, enjoyed the shopping spree there but it is good to be home.

I will process the pictures later and write the full report later. I need my sleep just to be awake later tonight to watch Formula One Qualifying Session. So sleepy now. I really miss my friends, my blog and Malaysia Food!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

My Boy

Well... I had waited the second when the clock strike 12. Had been waiting for today just to make few wishes. Before I do that I would like to share something.
My Boy

This is my boy, Mirza, well don't get me wrong, he is not my biological child. He is one of my best friend's child. When he was less than two months old, I had been assigned to take him back to Kuala Lumpur. He has a twin, a girl, Amni. His mother had a tough time raising both kids at one time. So I was asked to take him to his auntie. His parents are staying at Sandakan, Sabah.

I had flied to Sandakan one morning with my ex and came back on the same day. It was my first visit to Sandakan after leaving the town back in 1985. On my journey back to KL together with Mirza and my ex, people thought we were a family :).

Last Tuesday, at Elly's wedding I had the chance to see him again. As if we were bonded in a way it did not take a long time for him to get along with me. He loves playing with my gadgets. As he grew bigger, I could say he has his father's look while Amni has her mom's. Looking at him, holding him in my hands brings a lot of memories...

1. I would like to wish Happy Anniversary to Mirza's parents, Bedah and Hafiz. Happy birthday to Hafiz.

2. Happy Birthday to a long lost beloved friend, Saiful Shahril bin Abdul Jalil. I had lost contact with him since end of 2001. How I wish I could wish him Happy Birthday. Epul... wherever you are, Happy Birthday. I miss you.
**Anyone who knows him, could you gimme some info on him. Thanks.

3. A note to my friends, I will be heading to Padang, Indonesia next Tuesday till Saturday for a family trip. I will not be able to be online from tomorrow night because I am going to attend a friend's wedding up north. Hope to be back on the net as soon as possible. I will miss you.