Monday, May 26, 2008

To Whom It May Concern - Tinggalkan Aku


Katamu cinta t'lah tiada
Sendiri aku menahan pedih ini
Hilang semua rasa, habis begitu saja
Untuk bersama buat selamanya

Katamu dia yang lebih sempurna
Dialah di jiwa Dia nafas asmara
Bisikan kata-kata akhirmu itu
Menusuk jiwaku
Kini kau datang untuk kembali

Pergi sudah tinggalkan aku
Ku tak ingin engkau ada
Kembali lagi ke dalam
Cerita hidupku ini
Kubahagia tanpa dirimu
Biar begini adanya aku (karna)
Tanpamu kutemukan sinarnya

Bisikan kata akhirmu itu
Menusuk jiwaku
Kini kau datang kembali
Padaku lagi

Usah lagi kau guris hatiku
Ku tak mahu lagi
Merasakan hadirmu dalam duniaku
Pergilah dari hidupku

Had received a message from someone I might had mentioned about him in this blog. Just could not belief he just could write that message. For your info.. I am damn tired to bother about you. It's all OVER!! I am happy now and just leave me alone.

Bisikan kata-kata akhirmu itu
Menusuk jiwaku

- I will never forget nor forgive on what ever you had told me on our last conversation on the 19th August 2005. You had made me felt numb, heartless and heart broken. At that particular date you had made one of the biggest mistake in your life. Maybe the BIGGEST mistake!!

Usah lagi kau guris hatiku
Ku tak mahu lagi
Merasakan hadirmu dalam duniaku
Pergilah dari hidupku

- Anyway I am now glad on what had happen to us. At least I had found someone who appreciates me more than you do. I just had enough with you. I just want what you owed me.. that's all... final...

Srikandi Gala Dinner 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 2008

I had been logging in and out my blog this few days but there are so many things in my head for me to pick the right story to write. I choose the tittle above cause I notice that I had written one blog per month... hehehehehhe.. at least it is better than nothing.

I had just finished my mid year exam which I did not do so good (also the rest of my 9 other classmates) heheehhehe.. Was brainwashed by our lecturers for these few days (huh!! never taught I will go through this process again after all these years).. I had once wrote about my difficulties learning Japanese but I had tried my best to overcome my problems in it.. But I had made a point, either I am proficient enough in Japanese before I start teaching it, I am sure going to be a better teacher as I had refresh my knowledge in the pedagogy and methodology part and I had felt again how I felt as a students. As a teacher, (next June will be my 6th year anniversary as a teacher) I had made lots of mistake during teaching. Being pressured by senior teachers or the school's aim, I had ignored my student's feeling just to achieve fulfill other people dreams (or maybe my own dreams) rather than my student's.

After been through all this hardness in studying (even though on half way through-I have another half year to go) I could really felt how my students felt. Being born with a good brain I could never understand how other people could not understand the things I felt easy. I never could understand why my students left blanks on their answer sheets as the question was so easy for me. Now I am in their shoes. I left blanks on my answer sheet. I could not understand even the question for me yet to give the right answer. Now I know how bad it feels, how frustrated my students was struggling to answer the question. I learn a lesson, the hard way. I hope my future life as a teacher I will be more sensitive and understanding.

Talking about teaching.. Happy teacher's day for all teachers in Malaysia. Just keep up the good work and if you have the time, just try to refresh your knowledge, you will gain more than the knowledge itself. I did not celebrate this year's teacher's day as I am now a student. Received lots of smses frommy fellow friends though. ermmm and also a gift from my ex-student. That's good enough.

Huh I just have so many thing to share. My grandfather, my dad's father had left us after years in pain. He passed away on the 2nd May. May him rest in peace.

Started preparing for my wedding. Well, I don't have enough time for my studies let alone my wedding preparation. I will try my best to do the best for it.

My dive buddy had been using my boyfriend a lot lately which generates money. I am happy for it as would like to do it earlier but just don't have enough time for it. His pictures are getting better and better (I need to learn from him later) hehehehehehe....

I need to stop now. Need some sleep, as minimal as possible, a quality sleep of course before I start digging in my books again.. Hope I could write soon..