Friday, April 27, 2007

Am I Smiling Again?

It had been quite a while since I smile, really.. really smile.. The smile that comes within me. The purest, the happiest smile. I used to have the moments that I really smiled but frankly I forgot when was the last time I smiled that way. These few days I started smiling again. Smiling to myself while driving, while in the toilet (hehehehehe) , while waiting patiently my students doing their maths exercise. Well I felt like 15kg lighter (hehehehhehehe... really hope that I am 15 kg lighter). I even smile while I am sleeping... I felt good and I hope this smile will be with me for a longer period. Is it wrong for me to smile again? I hope not.. Good night.. I love you guys (and gals)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Therapeutical Weekend

I was prepared for the diving trip seven days earlier. My swimming suit, the sun block, fins, mask, snorkel, booties etc were arranged neatly in the bags. I had been reading a lot on the diving sites at Redang, just to make sure what I should expect before I started exploring the dive sites there.

Mamato and I started our journey around 11.40 am where I was worrying sick for us not arriving on time. Luckily the road was clear and we arrived on time. I was so excited and did not eat anything all morning. We took the ferry from Shahbandar Jetty. The jetty at the heart of Kuala Terengganu. Later I found out that the ferry from that jetty will stop at this one side of Redang Island while the ferry from Kuala Merang will stop at the other side.

From the jetty, a boat from Mozana Beach Resort picked us. We were given our room keys and I met Halimi for the first time. Halimi is the one who offered us to joint him and his wife for this dive trip. He owns a dive center in Bangi (oceanelements). We got to know each other through a photography forum.

We decided not to dive that day because it was nearly 5 pm when we arrived. I took out my diving gears to snorkel at the beach in front of my room. After taking my bath, I had few chats with Mamato until dinner. We had a simple dinner but for me, the island atmosphere had made it very appetizing. After dinner, we visited the Redang Kalong Resort and continued chatting with Halimi and Muzie later on.

I woke up quite late that morning, missed the sunrise but in time to join them for breakfast. After breakfast Mamato took his refreshing course. After that, we went for a dive at Terumbu Kili. The current was quite bad and I had this bad experience with current which made me a bit nervous. I had difficult time to descent but as soon as I descended Mamato had few problems so Dive Abort!!.

I had joined another two dives that day, one at Pulau Lima and the other one at Stingray City where we saw the famous one-eyed stingray. I had the chance to watch a nudibranch. But I missed the mating nudibranch because I was 'chasing' a school of fish. Thanks to Kamal for the two dives, who had a rough time taking care of me. That night Halimi downloaded few pics from his D70 and he had posted some at MalaysianUnderWater and his flickr. Beautiful pics!! After chatting with them I decided to take the night off earlier so I could wake up earlier that morning.

I woke up just on time, so this trip I had few sunrise pics. After breakfast, we went for another dive, today at Pulau Kerengga Kecil. Thanks to Macha, I had a great time diving eventhough I was low on air. We took the 1 pm ferry back to KT and arrived Kuantan around 6pm. I was quite tired but enjoyed every moment there.

To tell you the truth, whenever I back rolled to dive , I had this thing in my mind cursing my self how stupid I am doing all this crazy things but after a while, when I started swimming with the fishes then I will smile to myself, forgetting all the curses I made earlier. It is just beautiful down there and frankly I enjoyed diving with other divers who had the same passion. It will be soon enough for my next dive trip... You just wait...

(left) the day light

(middle) sunset

(right) sunrise

(left) the low tide

(middle) the footsteps of a loner

(right) the loner

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Camping Trip, Sungai Mas, Sungai Lembing

I have not joined any camping trip for ages. My school days back in KL, we use to camp at the school field so it was quite a turn-off. I had started camping since I was 5 years old, back in the days we were at the State. Every long holidays will be filled by a camping trip with few other Malaysian's studying at my dad's university.

When my school planned this camping trip, I was not that excited. I was in the education-module making committee. Well this camping trip is also a community service to the Orang Asli at Sungai Mas. The main reason for this trip is to motivate the Orang Asli to emerge from their comfort zone. They live a simple life, too simple for me.

Even though I am in the education committee and my slot is only on Saturday night and Sunday morning I decided to give a hand to the food committee. They need to prepare food for 120 people that includes our staff, our students, students from SK Sg Mas and their staff. I was stuck in the kitchen the whole camping trip, even people thought that I was one of the food committee. It was tiring but enjoying weekend.

I did not have the chance to explore Sg Mas area to shoot because I was so damn tired. I had the chance to take a dip at Sg Mas though. A very clean and refreshing river which comes straight from Gunung Tapis. I even tell my friends it is an Au De Natural Jakuzi. I enjoyed taking my bath their until I forgot to take some pictures there. I was so eager for this weekend diving trip so I took my basic diving gears and use it there. Hehehhehehehe.. The pictures I posts here were from the scene of the education slot. My students helped me a lot but they enjoyed it. At least they know how difficult it is to teach and educate someone.

In less then 24 hours, I am going to hit the road to my diving trip. I will post my stories later.

(left) : the teachers peeling onions

(middle) : casino type game to learn how to add and subtract

(right) : one of my star student's teaching one of the kids

(left) : one of my student's showing interesting places in Malaysia. Just to give a better view to the outside world.

(right) : playing monopoly to increase their self esteem and understand the world of trading.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Therapeutical Weekend

I know that I have been complaining a lot about my stress level which is already reaching to one dangerous point so I decided to take a break. My friends had been talking about attending STFOGA AGM (STF Old Girls Association) on the 31st March so I decided to join them this time. I have a good excuse too, I need to drive back my dad's car which he left at KL.

I took a bus to KL. Arrived at Pekeliling Station around 5.00pm. Took another bus to my house. The traffic was terrible that day. I arrived home about 2 hours later. Pick up my dad's car keys and directly I drove to Midvalley Megamall. I picked up Tenko at Bangsar lrt station and had a nice sinful and fulfilling dinner at Kenny Roger's. I took Tenko to Midvalley Fotokem because she is looking for an PnS and underwater casing. Matt and her wanna try underwater photography. Later then we went to Jaya Jusco to buy something and since it was nearly 10.00pm we started moving. I sent her to Hajar's mother in law's house at Kelana Jaya. Tenko and her mother are going to Kota Kinabalu the next day.

I arrived home around 12pm. Settle the laundry, tidy up the house a bit and went to sleep with the tv set on. I woke up that morning, fold the laundry and then I went to Midvalley again. This time I wanna search for my stuffs since I don't have the opportunity to look for it the night before. It was still very early when I arrived, the stores were just opened. I went to Roxy, the store was on sale, I bought a bikini. I went to the Dive Shop next, bought some diving stuff and went straight to the exhibition hall. There was a travel fair held there. My friend, zul had a booth and I dropped by just to say hello. I suddenly realized that I was so hungry, went to the food court, got a bite and start shopping again.

After drained up my wallet and credit card, I went to Saloma Bistro for STFOGA AGM. Changed my clothes and helped out my friend at the counter. It was my first AGM, enjoyed every minute of it, meeting with my friends, my seniors (which I had never met), my juniors etc. It was raining when the meeting ended and we went straight to Quality Hotel, checked in and waited for my friend to arrive.

After cleaning up, pray etc, we went to Sogo for dinner. When everyone had arrived, we went to Sogo Redbox. We booked for three hours but ended singing for four hours. I enjoyed it so much, I ended with a sore throat. As we came out from Sogo, people had started lining up at the side of the road waiting for the street race. We continued talking till wee hour in the morning.

When we woke up, we decided to have lunch at Quality Hotel, dim sum buffet. I love dim sum so much and enjoyed every bite I took. After lunch, we checked out and I went straight to Zul's new house. Went back straight to my house, pick up few things and drove back home. It was quite sometime since I last drove alone and smiling all the way through. I had so much fun this weekend.