Friday, October 31, 2008

I am almost done!!

Location: Section 13, PJ
King's Studio
Flop Poppy's new album in progress


Well I am actually damn hungry while waiting my dive buddy recording flop poppy's new album. This is the first time I could join him at the studio for this project. Earlier I was busy with my studies, for my final exam which ended today. Thanks to Celcom broadband, now I can be online anytime, anywhere.. (ermm... where there's signal off course.. heheheheh). I am damn glad I finished my final exam.. ermmm not with flying colours but I won't fail.. that's for sure. The only thing left is to finish my assignments (it's with the s... means lots of it..)

Opps... nak pergi makan... bye..

Ok... had my lunch.. had nasi lemak from the mamak stall in front of the studio... maybe it was the first meal that i can finish it for these few days... with this fever, my appetite had gone down with it... this is the first day since monday i had taken my medicine on time.. i just can't waste my time sleeping before the examination... need to go now.. will try to update more stories later.. bye..