Monday, July 30, 2007

Love is Cinta

It had been a stressful week for me. After three wonderful days being underwater with great company, I was stuck with bundles of work, need to solve a student's problem, being directed to accompany my students to the State's Science Carnival at Pekan and the list can go on non-stop. To reduce the stress level, I decided to do a movie marathon weekend with Yat. But we ended up with one movie only because we were damn tired through out the weekend.

Since both of us never watch any Indonesian movie before, even the famous "Ada Apa Pada Cinta", so we opted for "Love is Cinta". I had never paid any attention on any promotion about the movie or even did not read the preview before watching it. Only the "Ada Cinta" song had been played again and again on the radio. So both of us had no idea what is the movie all about.

It took me less than 10 minutes to shed my first tears and it did not stop there. From plot to plot, from time to time, I shed my tears. The last movie I was with tears was "Cinta", it was last November. The base of the movie was more likely to Ghost, but the plot was different with it's own originality. The actors had played their role well, as they had touched a lot of people watching it. We can hear sobbing sounds time to time.

There are few moral value from this movie:
1. If you like someone, totally like him/her please tell them.
2. Appreciate what ever you have, because it could be to late if they are gone.
3. Listen to your heart, it will show you the way.

I would like to share the Ada Cinta song here

ucapkanlah kasih satu kata yg ku nantikan
sebab ku tak mampu membaca matamu
mendengar bisikmu

nyanyikanlah kasih senandung kata hatimu
sebab ku tak sanggup mengartikan getar ini
sebab ku meragu pada dirimu

mengapa berat ungkapkan cinta
padahal ia ada
dalam rinai hujan
dalam terang bulan
juga dalam sedu sedan

mengapa sulit mengaku cinta
padahal ia terasa
dalam rindu dendam
hening malam
cinta terasa ada

nyanyikanlah kasih senandung kata hatimu
sebab ku tak sanggup mengartikan getar ini
sebab ku meragu pada dirimu

repeat reff

Last time I took 10 years to finally have the guts saying that I love a particular person, I had my good moments with him even though it was less then 2 years. I had no regrets but I don't think I can wait another 10 years to do the same thing...

FYI... from the original plan to release our stress, we were depressed after watching it hehehehhehe... so the moral value here... read the synopsis or movie preview before watching any movies.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"The Moment"

Still in the diving mood I would like to share something here.

Before every boat dives, the divers will busy loading their gears into the boat, making a lot of noise, talking to each other, laughing or even singing out loud. Either a 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 8 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes boat ride there will be one moment of total silence inside the boat. What you could hear will only be the boat engine and the sound of water splashing. What you can see is the divers looking at the horizon, as far as the eyes could see with total silence.

I love this moment, I could be lost in my own thoughts, feeling absolutely free from my own problems where at the moment there is only me and the sea. Total peace. I don't know what is on other divers mind, but everyone seems lost within themselves. At that particular moment, time seems to stop, waiting for us. Letting us lost in our own thoughts, with all the time we need.

I could not wait for my next dive, where I could be at the moment again.

Monday, July 23, 2007

From Heaven Returning To Earth

It is my second trip to Perhentian in 11 months, the first place where I started my journey to the other world - underwater. I stayed at Teluk Dalam this time, a beach south-east coast on the Pulau Perhentian Besar, a different beach from my previous visit. I haven't tried Pulau Perhentian Kecil yet, next time maybe.

I started my journey at 1.00 am from Kuantan by bus to Kota Baharu. Arrived at Jerteh around 5.45am where earlier I had received a call from Muzie telling me the group had arrived from KL. I took a cab (more like kereta sapu actually) to Kuala Besut Jetty. Met Muzie at the mosque nearby the jetty. Later I met the rest of the group, Radzi and Azmi (OWD students), Marina and Izatul (leisure divers) and Rozana (Izatul friend's - non diver). We waited for Yan, Abang and Ipin who where driving from KL and also Nas (a diver) with her brother - Ghadaffi (non diver) from KB. When everyone were there we started to load up our stuff (which occupy most of the space) on the boat and head up to Pulau Perhentian. 45 minutes later we arrived at Teluk Dalam Beach. Unload our diving gears at East Marine-Arwana Dive Center and head to our chalet, Samudera Chalet which situated beside Arwana Beach Resort.
The view from my room

After changing my clothes, Muzie came to my room to give my new wetsuit, a red Adrenaline wetsuit which fits perfectly on me. We walked to the DC (dive center) for our first dive. At the DC I tried on my new red Gull Mantis Open Heel fins and woohooo it fits perfectly on me. So I have a new red suit - wetsuit and fins. I have another fins actually, a blue one which match with my mask and snorkel. Errmmm new red mask and snorkel next time? Hehehehehehehe Just wait for it.
Teluk Dalam Beach

We were divided in three groups, Yan, Ipin and Abang in the first group - the photographers where they were in a mission to shoot a promo. Muzie, Nas, Izatul, Marina and me in the second group - the leisure divers group. Radzi and Azmi will be in the third group - the OWD students under Halimi. The first group was lead by Tee and my group was lead by Onn.

I did 8 dives this weekend, adding another two extra dives. The dive sites were Sharks Point, Tiga Ruang, D'Lagoon (first day), Terumbu Tiga, Laluan Anak Naga, Tanjung Panglima Abu (second day), Tokong Laut and Sugar Wreck (the additional dives - third day). The dives were superb!! The vis was not that good, but I enjoyed every dives. This is my first time buddy with Muzie and I had a great time. Thanks Muzie..

I won't write a report on each dives, I will just write the summary for it. From all the eight dive sites, I had visited two of it during my OWD dives. D'lagoon and also Terumbu Tiga. I hated Terumbu Tiga because of the current last time and I did not enjoyed my dive at all but this time was different. I had issues due to my new wetsuit, need extra weight for it. Every time my tank reached 50 bars, I will be floating hehehhehehehehehe. I had started to feel comfortable underwater and due to tips given by the sifus, I tried to improve my finning, breathing and also my buoyancy.

I had started to notice small creatures, nudis, a cleaner shrimp and few other things. I saw a turtle and enjoyed chasing it, 3 sharks - 2 of it were nurse shark under a boulder thanks to Muzie. I also saw a lot of puffer fish, a big bumphead, lion fish, batfish, a few times swam with a school of fish. I started to feel comfortable posing underwater but I need to practice on it hehehehehhehe. The trip to Sugar Wreck was my first wreck dive. PADI have a specialty on wreck diving, this is due to the different diving at a wreck. For me, I had to agree on other people's view on wreck diving, the eerie feeling due to the idea of there was once life on the ship. The feeling was magnificent, beyond words. For sure I had fun with Muzie playing around the wreck, like kids on a playground. My personal favorite this time was Tokong Laut, I will be there again.. I am sure..
Pulau Rawa... Our Surface Interval stop (Tokong laut n Sugar Wreck)

The trip was great, the company was even better. Enjoyed every second of it even though it was damn tiring. Ok... I wanna make a confession here... I think I need a underwater camera, I know it will come soon - the passion of diving and photography combined but I never know it will be this soon. Huh... I am in dilemma, anyhow I will take my AOWD first next month then I will be thinking about this again.

I would like to thank East Marine for the great service, I love your boat!! Thanks to the DMs - Tee, Onn and Chin you guys are the best. Thanks to the whole group, Halimi, Muzie, Yan, Abang, Ipin, Chomot (she came a day later), Marina, Izatul, Nas, Rozana, Ghadaffi, Radzi and Azmi. I had a great time with you guys, what happen on the island stays on the island key! To Radzi and Azmi welcome the new world, congratulation on your certification. Hope you will continue diving.
My Pic underwater courtesy from Yan.. thanks babeh..

I had fallen in love again - the love to the underwater world.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Losing my sanity

The work load in the school this few days were damn hell. The big boss makes noise on everything, the other three small bosses having their own agendas and us teachers stuck in between. I love my job, I love my students, I love the things I am doing but this four big heads nearly made me losing my sanity.

Praying hard so my latest plan works out, not intentionally leaving my beloved students but just need a new life. The thing that makes me looking forward for another day and stay sane is my diving trip this weekend. Counting every second and minutes to it. I give my report later. Now I need to sleep after a hard day.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wet Dreams...

Heheheheheheh... Don't get me wrong... It is not the usual wet dreams, my wet dreams will be my dream being underwater. 5 more days I will be underwater again, another world to me. Peace, tranquil and serene.

Most people will argue on my passion on diving. Most of them argue on the danger of doing it. Isn't everything dangerous out there? You sit in front of the TV is also dangerous, driving on dry land is also dangerous and the list can go non-stop.

Not everyone will be able to dive and I have that opportunity. Diving is something not easy, we humans being in the other element, not ours. It is not for the ones who are weak hearted and does not have the courage.

Am I scared being down there? Heck I do, but it is worth it, every second of it. The tranquility in that world made me forget about the fear I have. It is a 30++ minutes in my life that I can forget about my problems on dry land. It is not I wanna run from my problems but it is good to forget about if for a while.

I am new in this world but I could notice that divers out there are the most supportive group I had met. They will encourage us (or me) on keep diving even though we have any problems or not mastering few skills. I had been mingling around a lot of people but for me, besides my good friends, divers are another group that is very supportive.

Next month will be my first anniversary being a diver. Before my first anniversary I am going to go to the next level. I am going to take my Advance Open Water Diver (AOWD) certification. Add up another c-card to my collection and of course I can go deeper!!

Back to my dream, every time I am due for a diving trip, I will be very excited and last night dream proves that. I dreamt descending slowly, could hear I am breathing through the regulator, could feel the peace as I got deeper, it is something to beautiful to be describe.

Perhentian... Wait for me, I am coming!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

6, 7 & 8 July 2007

Another weekend which I have been waiting for. It was a busy week for me even though most of the classes are canceled due to SPM workshop for form 5 students. My first week teaching EST. Still have to learn a lot for this subject. Love talking and chatting to the students for this class.

Before I left the school, it was scheduled earlier for me to give an usrah to the girls. It is my first time doing it. I choose a simple topic which I do think I need to let the girls know their priority in life. I am no ustazah, my Islamic knowledge is very basic so I talked to them as a sister, as a friend giving out advise. It turns out well.

I departured around 1.30pm because I need to stop at Temerloh RnR to pick up few things from my daddy. He was on the way home from Ipoh. Arrived at Temerloh 30 minutes earlier than my dad so I need to wait for him. It was my first time crossing over the other side of the highway, heheheheheh a good experience indeed. After picking up the stuffs, stayed with my daddy for awhile I started moving again. Around 5pm as I had passed the Genting Sempah Tunnel, I called Tenko to reconfirm our date. Since the first plan was to visit Jayce and Jayce is at China, Tenko had made other plans. So I need to make a new plan fast! I thought I wanna go to Midvalley to do a bit of shopping but I ended at PWTC at last.

I went straight up to level 4, met Yan talking to someone outside the hall and make my way to Ocean Elements booth. Since I did not plan for this visit, I just stayed at OE's booth. It was the first time I met Ipin and Rose. I waited till 7 pm and we (Halimi, Muzie, Rose and I) had our dinner at Stable Steak House, Kampung Baru. After dinner I made few rounds in KL city center than later went straight back home.

I was wide awake at 4am, one syndrome I have whenever I stayed home alone. It is not the fear but the emptiness I felt made me uncomfortable. Since I was wide awake, I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning. Starting from my wardrobe the later the rest of the house. While cleaning up, I watched TV3, few older programmes being replayed. I would like to share something from one of the programmes I watched.

It was at 8am when I realized I was late for a breakfast date with Davie. I took my bath and get ready as soon as possible, I was unlocking the door when I received Davie's call saying that I can take my own sweet time since she overslept after watching tennis the night before. The road condition was perfect so I arrived at Pandan Indah just about 30 minutes. Took Davie to the Cheras Veledrome for breakfast (wanna go somewhere else at first but the traffic at Loke Yew was terrible).

After breakfast with non stop chatting, we went to Jalan TAR to visit my tailor. Sending few materials bought from Padang. While I was driving, I received a call from Yan asking me if I am already at PWTC. I had earlier promised to come later in the afternoon because I wanna spend time with Davie. Since Halimi and Muzie will not be there in the morning, while Ipin needs to pick his wife from the hospital and Yan overslept I decided to make a quick stop at the tailor and then head straight to PWTC. Davie tagged along.

Staying about half an hour, Davie went home, she took the lrt even though I wanna send her home. Few minutes after I came back to the 4th level, Zul called and invited me for lunch. Syam and Erika were there too. Since Halimi had arrived to the booth, I asked Yan to join me for lunch, well he still owe me a lunch. We joined Zul, Syam and baby Erika at Garden Cafe. Erika who is with a fever started crying when she looked at Yan heheheheheh. Well lunch was ermmm ok, not to my liking but just ok.

We went back to PWTC where people had started to flood the place. Tenko and Matt were at the booth when I arrived. After changing hellos, they went to check out the booths there. Muzie arrived around 3pm from UPSI, looked tired but kept smiling and went straight to work. You are a superwoman laa sis. I took the chance that afternoon to mingle around with few fellow divers and friends which came to visit the expo. I did some surveying on few things I had in mind. I left around 6pm because I had few plans with my friends.

As I drove out from PWTC, I received an sms from Adah to join them for tea at Pelita Jalan Ampang. I called Suzie and she claims she is waiting at Pelita. When I arrived at Pelita, Suzie was no where to be seen. I called her back later to find out she was at Pelita Ampang Point heheheeheheh. I met Joe (Adah's new boyfriend) and had a bowl of sinful lamb soup. Never mind, I will be on diet from Monday. Last kopek.. hehhehehehehehe

I drove straight to Ampang in search of Suzie's new apartment, I received a call from Suzie asking me to fetch her at Win's house. It was ok at first and suddenly I made a wrong turn followed by another wrong turn and at last I end up at Taman Kosas heheheheheheheh... This is not my first time I was lost in the middle of Ampang. But frankly I enjoyed being lost, it is a good way to learn new roads and discover new places.

I arrived at Suzie's new apartment about 45 minutes after that. A new apartment in Ampang, after the three of us freshen up, we lay down in front of the TV. Well it was the first Saturday night when we hang out and do nothing. There is always a long agenda if there is any girls night out, and the earliest we head back home is 2 am. Actually, the three of us had been busy the whole day so everyone were tired. We watched TV and ate what ever possible from Suzie's kitchen (which is not much anyway). We received an sms from Fizzy asking us either wanna join them at Pelita Jalan Ampang about 2am and no one could move a muscle.

I woke up around 5am, doing nothing, staring at the empty ceiling until Adah woke up around 5.30am. She went to the toilet and suddenly I have this crazy idea, I ask Suzie to wake up and told both of them I wanna go for an early breakfast. Hehehehehehe this is the first time everyone woke up 5.30am on a girl's weekend out. I called Davie and she agrees to join us. We prayed and later went straight to Pandan Indah to pick Davie. We went to Mc Donald's in Pandan Indah, had our big breakfast and chat non-stop. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed it. It was around 9am when we head back home.

Adah and I sent Davie back home and went straight to Midvalley, I wanna buy something for Eusoffe's birthday. After searching high and low I ended not buying anything. I drove straight to PWTC for the last day of MIDE. Kamm joined us at Midvalley because she wanna visit MIDE. After she had made few rounds, both of us left the hall to have lunch at The Mall. We wanna go to Bukit Jalil for the National Band Competition.

We arrived at Bukit Jalil a bit late, well I was lucky not to drive there as the weather was not that good and the traffic was bad. The third band had start performing when I arrived at ex-STFian corner. 5 years in STF had made me love the band so much. I was never a band girl but the spirits is still there. I waited till STF performed and through out this process I had shouted, laughed and even screamed like a teenager. Well it made me feel much younger. I left Bukit Jalil after STF performance.

I arrived back at PWTC when it was already 6pm. Few booths had started packing as it will be closed at 7pm. I went around to say goodbye to my friends as I had planned to start my journey at 6.30pm. It was a superb weekend and I will be back for next year's MIDE. I arrived safely at Kuantan around 9.30pm. I was smiling all the way back. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed my weekend.

Mahu Tapi Malu - Dina

Wanna post this song for quite some time. Another catchy song from Dina. Love listening this song while driving.

Terpana aku,dikau menuju

di depan mata,memanggil nama ku
menyapa mesra,berbisik nada manja
diri, rasa bagai nak melayang

di hati mula, tertanya tanya
resah gelisah di setiap masa
apakah benar ku sudah tergoda
ku malu untuk menyatakan nya


ku malu mengaku, kau dihatiku
ku malu merindu, kau takkan tahu
ku malu bertemu, menatap mata mu
ku malu kupendam, rahsia hatiku


oh apa harus ku simpan saja
cinta yang bermain di jiwa
tak mampu lagi ku tunggu
ku malu tapi ku mahu cinta mu

diriku bukanlah pujangga
yang bijak bermadah kata
haruskah ku diam saja
ku malu tapi ku mahu cinta mu


berdebar debar tidak ku sabar
menanti saat --kita bersua
hendak ku khabarkan hasrat di jiwa
namun pasti diri ku terkaku

di hati mula, tertanya tanya
resah gelisah di setiap masa
apakah benar kusudah sedia
masih ku malu menyatakan nya



oh kasih yang tercipta
pasti tiada tandingannya
bimbang hati ini jika
kau tak membalas cinta ku yang ada
makin terseksa di jiwa
tiap kali ku mencuba
melagu kata namun lidah ku kelu tak berdaya

Monday, July 9, 2007

Is it wrong??

I wanna wrote my report on what happen last weekend. It was a blast, very tiring but enjoyable. But I couldn't write about it yet because I think it would be unfair for myself and my friends. I had spent the day with tears, not because of I am sad, but my friends are.

In my old blog, I remembered writing an entry talking about my friends. Beside Allah, The Prophet Muhammad, my family, myself... I love my friends. I grew up with friends, the 10 critical years of growing up I spent with my friends. I treasure my friends as I had lost few of them. I learned my lesson the hard way, appreciate everything I have when I have it, not after I lost it. People tend to take things for granted when they have it and then later regret when they lost it.

My friends tend to classify me as someone 'strong', it fits to my name where Jalida = tabah. But lately I had been telling my friends that I am strong because they made me. Besides Allah, The Prophet Muhammad and my family, I owed everything to my friends.

Since I treasure my friendship, I will try my best to make my friends happy. If they are happy, I am happy, if they are sad, I am sad too. Is it wrong? It is damn frustrating when I feel helpless where I could not help my friends. I know I am no superwoman. But I want the best for my friends as they had been the best for me, in my life. I do think I am a better friend than a girlfriend.

To my two friends who are not in their good day today, I prayed for the best to you. You deserve to be happy. My tears today is for you.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

MIDE here I come...

This weekend is MIDE weekend. What is MIDE? It is Malaysian International Dive Expo. You can check it here to find the details. I had been waiting for this event since I first knew it. It has been marked in my organizer for this event since March. That is why when my name was up for a camping trip I had to say no to my boss hehehehhehehe. Well that is not the first time.

Why I wanna go to MIDE? I wanna check out few stuff, I am collecting dive equipments slowly. I wanna check out the dive packages offered, there will be participants from overseas too. The best part is I wanna meet my diver friends - the ones I knew and have met and the ones I knew and I haven't met hehehehehe.

Well besides MIDE, this visit is also dedicated to my girl friends. It has been quite some time since I last hang out with them. Another therapy session for me, I really need it since my next diving trip will be in another 2 weeks time. There is also The National Band Competition at Bukit Jalil Stadium where STF will be representing Johor. I am still thinking on joining my friends since I need to head home that evening.

Girls... here I come. I had shave my legs and ready to party!!

ps: I will not be online from tomorrow afternoon till Sunday. No worries, most of my friends online will be at MIDE too ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kasih Tercipta

Love this song.. it is sang by Faizal Tahir. Specially dedicated to a special someone. I wanna you happy.

Kasih hilang tiada bicara
Setelah cintaku kau puja
Rintihan rindu terus melanda
Redup cahaya...Ooo..
Hati lara

Bisiklah kiranya aku bersalah
Sedetik tersirat rasa
kau cipta kasih yang kumiliki
Cintaku jujur selama

Carilah aku dalam hatimu
Sayang sebutlah kau
Kasihmu kekal setia
Terus terluka

Ooo...kasih tercipta
ooo...carilah ku sayang

Mesra suaramu...kini berbeza
Gagal sembunyi sedih
kenangan lalu menusuk jiwa
manis seindah berganti pedih

Carilah aku dalam hatimu
Sayang sebutlah kau
Kasihmu kekal setia
Terus terluka

Pabila bersamamu debaran
Darah arus mengalir cinta
Lahir selamanya
Berilah...kucupan sayang
Biar terulir wajah...kasih tercipta
Berilah...kucupan sayang
Biar terulir wajah...kasih tercipta

Ooo...kasih tercipta
Kini ku mengerti
Walau berbisa
kurela kiranya kau bahgia

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tears fall in my heart by Paul Verlain

Il pleure dans mon coeur
Comme il pleut sur la ville;
Quelle est cette langeur
Qui pénètre mon coeur?

Ô bruit doux de la pluie
Par terre et sur les toits!
Pour un coeur qui s'ennuie
Ô le chant de la pluie!

Il pleure sans raison
Dans ce coeur quit s'écoeure
Quoi! nulle trahison?...
Ce deuil est sans raison.

C'est bien la pire peine
De na savoir pourquoi,
Sans amour et sans haine,
Mon coeur a tant de peine!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

English... Anyone?

Tomorrow, 2nd July 2007 will be another new chapter in my teaching life. I had just finished redoing the school schedule and due to shortage of English teachers in my school, I had voluntarily offered myself to teach EST (English in Science and Technology). Me teaching English? Huh!! In my five years teaching, I had only teach Mathematics (5 years), Additional Mathematics (4 years), Rekacipta (Innovation-4 years) and Science (6 months).

To tell you the truth, when I first applied for KPLI (Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah) I was between two choices, English or Maths. But I choose Maths at last. But now I ended teaching English - well some sort of English though. Been thinking of changing my contact lenses to blue color hehehehhehehe. So wish me luck key. Thanks.