Sunday, June 22, 2008

My MC Fest

Back in early 2000, I recalled a college friend of mine said to me that I am not suitable to follow and see him performed at a underground gig. Yesterday, for the first time I followed my Dive Buddy to a gig where his group performed. Since I knew him the group did not performed in any gigs. We arrived at MCPA Hall around 7pm and Infectious Maggots starts performing around 8++pm. The group performed 7 songs and the crowd enjoyed listening to the music. The crowd had a head banging session with the group which performed before Infectious Maggots but really enjoyed the music while Infectious Maggots performed.

It was loud (heheheheh.. what do you aspect from a Metal gig?) but enjoying. I am not a big fan of loud musics but if you really listen to the music you could appreciate it. Any music is art right? At least I had this chance to get to know my Dive Buddy better and he looked sexy on stage hehehehehhee...