Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I DO...


Huh! it has been months since I last updated my blog. Not that I am free now but I am bored to death now so I decided to write something here. I am still stuck in Rawang, another week to go. Praying hard that every second that this will end as soon as possible.

Well.. I am still very tired. Not to mention my family (especially from my mom's side), Abang's family and close friends who had worked hard for both receptions.

It was around 10.20pm on the 16th of August when Abang successfully says his "akad" in one go. I was a bit frustrated as I was not called out to witnessed it but I was glad Abang had made it. You could ask Suzie and Edda.. I was damn nervous that night, could not even sat quietly for a minute. I was later told that Abang had cracked few jokes infront of the Tok Kadi which made everyone in the house laughing. I knew he was damn nervous that night. From that moment on I am Mrs. Riza..

How do I feel? I was asked the same question few times. I was too tired at that time to think a decent answer but I was happy, too happy indeed. I had finally found the one, the one that I wish I will wake up every morning besides him. Will post the pictures later..