Sunday, April 13, 2008

Acute Gastritis

Huh... it has been months since I last wrote something on my blog. Well.. I have another blog which is in Japanese and made compulsory for me to write something at least one a week at (which I fail to do so) hehehhehehe... I would like to give excuses but it seems to be so lame...

My luxury time while I was teaching where I spend most of my time chatting and blogging last time seems to be a history in my life. My new tight schedule had just changed everything. I had my time on line when I stayed at Ocean Elements which I occasionally stay there but I used most of my time on line checking my emails and searching data for my assignments. Even my on-line friends seems 'merajuk'. I have so many things to write but I just don't have the time to do so.

My tight schedule had actually effected my health. After my engagement day, I had a bad gastritis. I had gastritis for such a long time ago but the attacks these few months were just unbearable. Due to my brother in-law's suggestion, I agreed on doing endoscopic. I did it last month which was an experience I would love not to repeat it again. The doctor could see that my stomach had some corrosion and infection and I was given some medication for it. The attacks will come whenever I ate something which my tummy could not handle. Visits to the hospitals and clinics became my weekly affair. No pain killer could help me now (and I am not advised to consume more pain killer now) so injections is the only alternative. Whenever I am in pain, I just could see the needle which makes me a sicker person. My last appointment to the hospital my doctor suspects something is wrong with my liver so few tests had been done for it.

Well.. besides trying to stay healthy... I just would love to finish my course in one piece. Well... my wedding is coming up soon... I would like to be in one piece for that too.. huh!!