Monday, September 13, 2010

Rania - 10 months...

It has been ages since I last wrote something here. Even the last post was taken from somewhere else and I pasted it here. I am at Cameron Highlands now. Using my Hari Raya Holidays as a get away before starting my hectic life again. Everyone is sleeping, tired of our morning trip just now and later they will wake up feeling hungry again. Yupp this cold weather make us wanna eat every other hour..

Rania is also asleep. Had just breastfed her hoping that she will sleep longer before we start another round of excursion later. At 10 months (well.. give and take 2,3 days) I am very proud that I breastfeed her 100%. She won't take any formula and alhamdulillah her growth is normal so I don't have to worry. Looking at her sleeping, there's a part of me saying that she is the reason I lost my passion. Yup.. Lost my passion in so many things. A good example is this blog, since I was carrying her, I lost my interest on writing. Not only that, I lost my interest in reading (I have few paperbacks that I have not touched since I bought it), lost my interest in photography (even abang also), and the list will go on and on. Why? Well I do admit she took most of my time. By the time she's asleep I will be damn tired to do anything. Is this normal or not?

Being a first time mother at 33, I admitted that I had to make a lot of adjustment in life. For example, holidays like this will be filled of lots activities, taking pictures, hiking, exploring etc. Or at least reading a book and enjoying the weather. It is not I am not enjoying my holidays but I like using my time for my lil princess. Every second of it. I am not complaining I am just so much in love with her. I don't even care how much I miss the fun before having her.