Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Going Diving Again

The season for diving had started for the east coast side. My friends had started diving again and kept telling me the stories of the underwater world. I just took my diving licience last year after few times postponing it. It was my brother who really want to take it that time so I followed. We went to Perhentian Island. I had never been there, so does my brother so it was a good choice. He insisted to go to Perhentian actually. I was trained by two master divers. One from Germany and another from Slovak. It took us 4 days and 3 nights to get the licience.

It is a beautiful world down there. Beyond words. You will only understand it when you had tried it. My life this few week were a mess. I had gone to the limits that my body allows it. I just need a break and I wanna go diving!!!. I had few invitations to joint few diving trips but my weekends are almost full with activities. (Who ever dare say that teacher's work is easy!!) Eventhough my schedule is very tight, I had made up my mind to join a friend's invitation to go diving. It is going to Pulau Redang this time. It will be sometime next month.

I wanna try underwater photography as soon I could dive well, I am going to take the course for it. Wanna combine both of my hobbies together eventhough it will cost me a bomb hehehehehehehheeh. I just could not wait to swim with the fishes again. I even had took out my sun block to make sure i have everything before I go for the trip. I just wanna buy a new swimsuit this weekend. To celebrate the new season.

Pictures info:
Up left - the dive centre in Perhentian that I took my licience. Offers very good price for courses and diving at Perhentian. Click here for info.

Up right - me in action

Down middle - isn't it beautiful!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Brown Gold Lace

Few years back, when I was madly in love, I stumbled upon a brown-gold lace when I was walking by a shop at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. I went inside the shop and I was mesmerized with it. Being a brown lover it was a must buy thing. I did not buy it that day but it kept haunting me day by day and at last I went back to the shop and bought it.

I was still unsure about my future love life but I bought it somehow so if in case he finally proposed so at least I had a piece ready. Well my love life did not go well as planned. Due to few problems and misundestanding we broke off. I kept the material well inside my 'treasure chest'. Last week I opened my 'treasure chest' after quite sometimes since I last opened it. I took the material out, well not for me to send it to the tailor but for my best friend. She had found her true love after a series of heart breaking session.

I remembered a saying, the best thing in life is to give away the thing that you love, so I am giving it away. I am more than willing to give it away and I hope the very best for her. Maybe the material is a bit out dated but she is going to wear it on her wedding day. Thanks Elly, I love you, I hope you will have a beautiful future ahead. Amin

Friday, March 2, 2007

Genting Highlands

I started my journey a bit late on Wednesday. I was excused from my classes on that day but I insisted on continuing my lessons that day. I rushed back after 2.15pm, packed my things and picked up my colleague around 3.00pm. We had a nice chat along the way, mostly talking about work, school and the problems which had made us a bit tensed lately. It rained on the way, we did not made any stops.

As we arrived at Genting Sempah, it was a bit cloudy due to the rain. As we drove up the condition got worst. I barely could see, luckily the road going up to Genting is much better than last time. The fog was very thick, I drove as slow as I could and I was relieved when I arrived at Seri Malaysia Genting Highlands.

After checking in, I had dinner and after that I drove my colleague, Ayu to the top of Genting Highlands. It was Ayu's first time going up there. Driving up the hilly road brought back a lot of memories. I had once drove up there with someone very special. Since my then, I had went there twice. So I realised that I could not live with memories. If I did, I could have not drive up there again. It is how we should live our life. Face ahead eventhough the memories are pulling us back. I am moving ahead, maybe a step at a time, but I am moving.