Sunday, September 16, 2007

I have been tagged

My friend, Dr. Lynn aka Bones aka Bakawali had tagged me. hehehehe doing this for fun... here it goes..

5 things in my bag
1. My Wallet
2. Keys - car keys, house keys, room keys etc
3. An english novel book or/and magazine
4. My handphone
5. Lipstick and compact powder

5 things in my wallet
1. My ID
2. My Padi AOWD Card
3. Lots of cards - atm cards, credit cards, bonus points cards etc
4. My Dive Buddy picture
5. An old RM20 note

5 Favorite things in my bedroom
1. My "Selimut Busuk"
2. My laptop
3. My magazines and story books
4. My new bed
5. My old perfume collection

5 Things I wish to do
1. Live happily with my dive buddy
2. Dive exotic dive sites with my dive buddy
3. Write a book
4. Do bungee jumping at New Zealand
5. Grow old with my dive buddy

5 Things I am doing now
1. Lying on my new bed with my homework all over it
2. Chatting with my colleague - talking about our big bosses at school (ngumpat masa bulan posa-hehehehehe)
3. Thinking of my dive buddy - who is sick on the weekend I am not around
4. Planning on what to do next, before I head back to KL
5. Ermmm.... nature call!!

5 Person I would like to tag
1. Ardy
2. Muzie
3. Aneez
4. Siti Hasina
5. Marina

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My New Life #2 - I'm the lucky one

Been thinking either I should write this or my report on my trip to Perhentian during the National Day for the underwater clean up but then I decided to write this first. Just to make it easier for me to tell about my Perhentian trip later. Before I start I wanna share this first. The lyric of one of Anuar Zain's new songs - I'm the lucky one.

Ku persembahkan satu cita ku
Setulus hati hanyalah untukmu

Dan ku lakukan semampu aku

'Tuk menyayangi mu
Hingga kau merasa jadi pujaanku

Meski bercinta kadang tak indah
Tapi 'tuk buktikan kau yang terindah

Dan ku pastikan

I'm the lucky one

Nikmati cinta
Lebih dari segalanya

Jiwa ku dulu yang tak tersentuh

Kini terasa sejak bersamamu

Berikan hangat hingga ku tak mampu
Tuk jauh dari mu

Kerna kau yang bisa buat ku bahagia


Caramu membuat ku tak terdaya

Mata hatiku pun ikut terjaga

Kau ubah hidupku ini

Jadi sempurna

Yess.... I'm the lucky one. Ermm I don't really don't know how to start this but I just would like my friends to know about what had happen to my life. I think you have read one of my blog saying that I went out with my "Dive Buddy". Well it is official now I am with him. He is a diver for sure. I am sure to tell more about him later, I just lost my words now. I will attach two pictures of us underwater during the Project AWARE dives.

Pictures courtesy from Comot. Thanks

My New Life #1

Ok... I am still wide awake at 4 am. Maybe because of the ice coffee from Kemaman Kopitiam I drank while hanging out with Yat or maybe because I slept in the bus all the way from KL till Maran and continued sleeping after Maghrib. Well I am really tired, mentally and physically but after quite sometime since I last logged in I would really take this time to cramp everything.

Oppsss... back to the topic... My new life #1... well I made it!! I made it to the 12 weeks Japanese Conversion Course. I registered on the 27th August 2007. I was informed that I was selected only on Thursday afternoon so I don't have a lot of time to settle everything. There were so many things that I need to settle in three days. The car need to be fixed, need to settle my school stuff, need to pack up etc. That is the reason why I don't have the chance to even write a single line for it.

Ermm... it has been quite sometime since I last studied full time and the feeling was good. Well to tell the truth, I really need to adjust myself on the fact I am studying full time now. My brain is a bit rusty but I enjoyed every second of it. This conversion course is only 12 weeks and it is an express course. In this 12 weeks I need to learn so many things. Even Hiragana - one of the japanese characters, I spent a day to get to know it, write it and lastly remembered it. HUH!!! My last Japanese course I spent 2 months to do it but in this 3 weeks I can read Hiragana. Ermmm...
The Zakuro 2

In this 12 weeks, my other 18 classmates and me will not only need to learn about the language but also the japanese culture. So we had and will have few trips for this matter, the first was a lunch trip to the Zakuro - a japanese restaurant besides Ampang Park. Enjoyed the food so much. Love it.
One of the sets offered at The Zakuro 2

For the time being, I stayed at my apartment in Damansara Damai but sometimes I slept at IPBA. I have a beautiful room there. I love my new life, eventhough it is a bit hectic but I need the change, I have been in my comfort zone for quite a long time now. I love the language though, that is what made me took this.

My Classmates at the Tatami Room - Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur

After the 12 weeks course, I will take JLPT (Japan Language Proficiency Test) Level Four (the lowest level). Next year, out of 19 students only 15 will go to next level, a year course to prepare ourself as Japanese Language teachers. I hope I can make it. A break from the school is something good.. I need it. :)


I had been very busy with my new life this few weeks which had practically made me of the net which is something will drive me crazy last time but not this time. I have so many things to tell yet I don't think I have all the time to do it. I wanna tell everything... Every single details on what happen to me this few weeks. Just wanna share it with you guys. Ermmm for the time being I wanna clean up my mail box and browse for information on the stuff I need to do (homework.. or should I use the word sukudai) huh... I will be back soon!!!