Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Camping Trip, Sungai Mas, Sungai Lembing

I have not joined any camping trip for ages. My school days back in KL, we use to camp at the school field so it was quite a turn-off. I had started camping since I was 5 years old, back in the days we were at the State. Every long holidays will be filled by a camping trip with few other Malaysian's studying at my dad's university.

When my school planned this camping trip, I was not that excited. I was in the education-module making committee. Well this camping trip is also a community service to the Orang Asli at Sungai Mas. The main reason for this trip is to motivate the Orang Asli to emerge from their comfort zone. They live a simple life, too simple for me.

Even though I am in the education committee and my slot is only on Saturday night and Sunday morning I decided to give a hand to the food committee. They need to prepare food for 120 people that includes our staff, our students, students from SK Sg Mas and their staff. I was stuck in the kitchen the whole camping trip, even people thought that I was one of the food committee. It was tiring but enjoying weekend.

I did not have the chance to explore Sg Mas area to shoot because I was so damn tired. I had the chance to take a dip at Sg Mas though. A very clean and refreshing river which comes straight from Gunung Tapis. I even tell my friends it is an Au De Natural Jakuzi. I enjoyed taking my bath their until I forgot to take some pictures there. I was so eager for this weekend diving trip so I took my basic diving gears and use it there. Hehehhehehehe.. The pictures I posts here were from the scene of the education slot. My students helped me a lot but they enjoyed it. At least they know how difficult it is to teach and educate someone.

In less then 24 hours, I am going to hit the road to my diving trip. I will post my stories later.

(left) : the teachers peeling onions

(middle) : casino type game to learn how to add and subtract

(right) : one of my star student's teaching one of the kids

(left) : one of my student's showing interesting places in Malaysia. Just to give a better view to the outside world.

(right) : playing monopoly to increase their self esteem and understand the world of trading.

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